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What users say about SQL Developer

»I love your software! I used it from home when connected to my office remotely. Keep up the good work!«
(from USA)

»....and, once again, I can't thank you enough for developing the piece of art that SQLDeveloper is...«
(from India)

»Congratulations for SQL Developer, this is an amazing tool which saves me a lot of work and can be compared with proffessional classic tools like TOAD...«
(from Czech Republic)

»Your tool is stable and efficient...«
(from UK)

»SQL Developer is great! We are working with MySQL, PostgreSQL and PointBase.«
(from Canada)

»Works great with Sybase! Thought I'd tell you that this is a nice application...«
(from China)

»As a PL/SQL Developer I'm primarily working with Oracle 9i and 10g but sometimes I also have to connect to Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Developer made my life much easier.«
(from Netherlands)

»I'm a Mac OSX user running PostgreSQL and have been looking for a decent app like yours for quite some time. I haven't found any that come close to the level of quality of SQL Developer. Can't wait till the next version!«
(from France)

»I really love to use this tool. It looks perfect!«
(from UK)

»First of all I have to say that the program is great, wornderful, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. ... We are using Oracle 7.3.4, Oracle 8i and Oracle 9i, and sometimes we do some things with Access.«
(from Spain)

»Greetings, I have enjoyed your fine tool for a couple months now. Thank you!«
(from USA)

»I love the new features in this version!«
(from USA)

»I had been searching for a tool which would allow me to browse databases. What I found was a tool made in Java with a Swing interface and the beauty is, it lets you connect to any damn database in the world provided you have the driver. Its database browsing capabilities are really good. Since its made with Java it is all the more enjoyable. SQL Developer is a gem.«
(from India)