SQL Developer - The Universal Database Frontend

Standard Extensions

Cross Database Support

Catalog/Schema Comparison


With this extension you can compare the table and view structure of two catalogs or schemas. The comparison always compares a left and a right side. E.g. select your Oracle schema for the left side of the comparison and your Microsoft SQL Server catalog for the right side. The comparison even supports comparing databases of different vendors.

For each side select an adapter and a catalog or schema.

Use the options panel to control the properties to compare.

Press Start to begin with the comparison.


The result will be displayed as a detailed text report.

Additional database objects in the right database are marked as added (green symbols). Objects that exist in the left database only will be marked as removed (red symbols). Objects having different properties in both databases are marked as changed (yellow symbols).

Dissolve dependencies


This extension retrieves the relational dependencies between tables and views of a catalog or schema.

The use cases for this function include the initial data loading into or the complete data removal from the tables of a database without relational constraint violations.

Select the adapter and catalog or schema to examine as the source.

After selecting a source all accessible tables and views are displayed in the objects list. Now you can select the objects to analyze their dependencies for.

Press the Next button to start the analysis. A popup window informs about the progress.


The result will displayed in multiple variants:

The Identifiers tab shows a list of all involved objects. Depending on the selected sort option dependent objects are either placed on the top (delete semantics) or at the bottom (insert semantics) of the list.

The Delete Script tab shows a complete SQL script to delete all data from the tables selected for the analysis. For execution copy the script to the clipboard and paste it to a new or an existing editor script window.