SQL Developer - The Universal Database Frontend

Query Builder

SQL Queries The Easy Way

In addition to the simple quick browse function SQL Developer allows the creation of complex queries joining multiple tables in a few seconds.

The extended quick browse function provides a simple way to create joined queries on tables.

Select a table from the database navigator and perform the function to open the query builder dialog.

The tree view on the left side shows the foreign key relations between the tables. The root node represents the initially selected table. The children of a node are those tables joined to the parent node by foreign key relations.


Subsidiary table entries are displayed with their table name followed by the foreign key name joining the table with the parent node. A symbol with a yellow key indicates that a foreign key is defined by the parent node, referencing the primary key of the child node (parent:child = n:1). A red key indicates that a foreign key is defined by the child node table and references the primary key of the parent node (parent:child = 1:n).

All checked tables are included in the SELECT clause of the statement to create. You can determine the table columns to be included on the right side. By default all columns of a checked table are selected.

When you confirm with OK, a new editor window for SQL statements is opened and the text input area is initialized with the generated SELECT statement.

Tip See the tutorial on using the extended quick browse feature